American light luxury brand MK cooperates with Tmall

The Chinese market will become more and more important for Michael Kors. In this celebration, Michael Kors announced the official shopping website on the line, thereby further improving its zero sales channel. Even so, Michael Kors, in an interview with the media, also hinted that the desire to get more share in the Chinese online market could not be done with Tmall.

What is quite abusive is that as early as the beginning of May this year, Michael Kors dissatisfied with Ali’s accession to IACC announced the news of the withdrawal of the Internet. Now Li Dakang is undoubtedly seeking cooperation with Michael Kors and Tmall.

In fact, Michael Kors has launched cooperation with Alibaba’s luxury business platform charm. Li Dakang admitted in an interview that charm is a discount for Michael Kors after a season’s merchandise.

Michael Kros and other “light luxury” brands have gained more popularity in China.

Today’s top brand of light luxury is not Michael Kros, Michael Kors is the only luxury brand in the top five luxury listed companies in the 2013 stock price increase. In the total market value of the 22 luxury listed companies, Michael Kors is more than eighth in a large number of old luxury brands. The American light luxury brand Michael Kors, based in Hongkong, released the third quarter financial report of the fiscal year: Sales of $1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 59%, and retail revenue of $503 million 400 thousand, a year-on-year increase of 51.3%, with a year-on-year growth of 64% in other regions including China, to a total of $8 million.

Although the design of Michael Kros is often accused of plagiarism, it still can not extinguish the enthusiasm of the American people, and its proportion in the North American market is as high as 90%. The common consumer doesn’t care where the creativity of the clothing comes from, and what they think about is who can provide them with cheap and cheap products, which, to some extent, explains the reason for the popularity of the light luxury consumption. Zhou Ting, President of the wealth Quality Research Institute, believes that the North American market is a very mature market with limited market capacity and China’s market capacity base will be several times the North American market. The Chinese market will undoubtedly be the focus of development after Michael Kors.

At the beginning of 2012, the Michael Kors group, which was just listed shortly after the market, announced a high profile to expand the Chinese market: “we will open 100 branches in the Chinese market in the next three to five years”, and now Michael Kors has 37 stores in Greater China and 27 in mainland China.

The market value of Michael Kors has been surpassed that of Burberry

Since the acquisition of MK’s majority stake, Cao Qifeng and his partners have already been able to cash in about $2 billion 500 million through several reductions. In this regard, Huo Xiao Hua analysis, from the perspective of the two operators, they have strong brand operation and management capabilities. At the same time, two people have reduced their holdings for many times in order to prepare for acquisitions of other projects.

The MK business has also been extended to China. Huo Xiaohua said that in the Greater China region, MK already has 8 stores. Because of the initial involvement of the Chinese market, its main stores will be distributed in the front-line developed areas, with the impact of cost and new store cultivation period, MK will still need long-term operation to achieve substantial profits.

AliciaYu analysis believes that, from the scale of sales, MK is in the stage of rapid expansion in the European and American markets. However, the development in China has just started at the beginning stage, and the pace is relatively cautious in order to sell the light luxury women’s bags for the consumption ability of the middle population. Continue to increase the intensity of print advertising and public relations activities to enhance brand awareness.

Try the new marketing of social media

Michael Kors, a high-end American fashion brand based on “light luxury”, not only has a unique brand style, but also differs from the conventional luxury brand in the number of marketing routes. Social media has always been a marketing channel which MK attaches great importance to, and digital marketing occupies a very large proportion in its global marketing investment. It is MK’s excellent performance in social media, which has been rated by social media analyst Starcount as the top fashion brand in the 2013 social media, and even defeated strong rivals such as Burberry and LV. Like most fashion brands that use social media, MK is very intensive in content, actively advocating UGC (User Generated Content, user generated content), and it also has some unique features.

If the fans can only look at the new information, collocation skills and fashion information published on the social platform, and then a little praise, comment, and sharing, it is hard to avoid the weariness of the people. In understanding more and more or even the vast majority of users log in to Facebook via mobile terminals, MK decides to graft Facebook phone clients with app and extend the function of social platform.

This campaign, called “What She Wants”, was launched by MK during the mother’s day in 2012, to improve brand exposure and purchase rates by offering daughters a unique gift for mother’s day. In this activity, MK focuses on mobile terminals, caters to a large number of consumers who like to use mobile phones, and improves their participation in activities. During the activity, users who log in to the MK home page in Facebook will notice the activity prompts, and you can log in to app to view, buy, or win the mother’s Day gift prepared by MK. At the same time, the convenient link between app and MK e-commerce website has also increased the purchase conversion rate.

Michael Kors plans to wearable products

New York Fashion Week opens on Wednesday. However, according to Bloomberg report, the wearable device, which is designed by designer Michael Kors, will not be unveiled in a few months.

Will this mysterious wearable technology product be handbag, jewelry or high-heeled shoes? Michael Kors created the same name company did not disclose more information, so we can only wait and see.

“We will launch wearable products,” said Michael Kors’s CEO John Idol at its quarterly revenue conference last week. I can tell you that Michael Kors designer will be responsible for product design, and we have a complete product strategy.

According to Bloomberg news, Kors has been designing in the field of science and technology before, that is, Duracell Powermat, the wireless charging seat of the 2014 kingpin battery. The product was printed with his own signature “MK”.

The marketing strategy of light luxury brand

In order to maximize profits, light luxury brands enter endless promotions. Kate Spade 60 percent off free shipping, special items including bags, clothing, shoes and so on.

Rapid expansion has led to a slowdown in growth. In the past 12 months, Michael Kors has added 121 new stores around the world, and now has 4133 stores worldwide and is expected to continue to open more new stores. If the company is not fully prepared, it will face an overexposure crisis.

The function of light luxury brand official website covers new product releases, store enquiries, and the most important function is online shopping. Nowadays, thousands of dollars on all kinds of light luxury brands can buy a bag of rotten streets, and it may be cheaper than buying them exclusively.

Michael Kors’ authorization of e-commerce in China

Fossil, built in 1984, was the first American brand to combine the value and style of watches. 2014, the year brand was set up 30th anniversary, and Fossil became one of the most popular brands in the United States. With the brand entering, Fossil group has produced one hundred points of sincerity, of which five watches brand MichaelKors is the first network authorization in China. The cooperation between the two sides, Fossil pays more attention to not only the business background of the business city “root Miao Hong”, but also the identity of the commercial city to respect consumers and promote the attitude of safe consumption and management.

In the future, there will be further in-depth cooperation to allow more categories to be stationed in the central free mall. Through the brand empowerment of the commercial city, the commercial city also conveys the brand story and the life trend behind Fossil to every consumer, setting up a bridge of communication between the international brand and the consumer. “The mall sells not only goods but also a high quality lifestyle.”

With the rapid development of the Internet, the electronic commerce industry, which depends on its rise, presents a “doubling” and increasing chase scene. In this context, the commercial city will focus on the commodity property itself, guarantee the quality of the goods and be responsible for the consumer. At the same time, it also creates the difference between the commercial city and the other e-commerce, with the help of the mature brand authorization mechanism, the empowerment of famous brands, and the rapid entry into the market with the help of the brand at a lower price, and sharing the numerous users behind the brand.

Michael Kors has put more emphasis on men’s wear

Masol Osteward, a German, has been working at Hugo Boss for 11 years and has been the director of creative management and conceptual design for the Hugo Boss movement since 2012. He has been in charge of creative management during Hugo Boss, and has served a number of different positions, including custom clothing, shoe track, leather goods and accessories, and sports series, and has a lot of experience.

Before joining Hugo Boss, Oster Ward was a male designer in another German fashion brand JOOP! And he also served as a sales assistant in the German branch of the Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani) brand.

Mr. Micheal Kors, the founder of the brand, said: “I’m looking forward to working with Masol. He’s very talented, experienced, and well versed in brand building, which makes him an ideal candidate to help us continue to expand Micheal Kors men’s business.”

Michael Kors is fighting the European ecommerce Market

Michael Kors officials also pointed out that between October and November, its Spanish and Italy official website will also appear in succession, and by December this year, its e-commerce business will expand to more European countries.

According to public information, Michael Kors was formally established in 1981 and is headquartered in New York. The most pioneering point of Michael Kors is to bring the luxury industry into a new stage, separating the brand from the past classic American luxury brands and becoming the representative of the American style of luxury life. At present, the brand has more than 500 stores in nearly 100 countries around the world, and is also distributed to the world’s top department stores and global stores.

In the Chinese market, Michael Kors’s products are also popular, and frequently appear on the list of all kinds of e-commerce platforms. In June of this year, it announced the acquisition of Michael Kors (HK) Limited, the authorized agent of Greater China, Cao Qifeng, at the price of 500 million US dollars. The deal also made the Michaels Kors’s performance in China debut for the first time.

Michael Kors releases smart watches

Google’s Android Wear system is blooming this week, and in addition to the new smart watch’s Nixon and Fossil, the fashion brand Michael Kors also launched its first batch of smart watches. The series is called Michael Kors Access, which sells for $395.

At the moment, we are not yet aware of the specific configuration of the two Michael Kors new products, but the company has set the price more approachable to attract more young consumers. In addition, Michael Kors’s new product line is aimed at both male and female users, of which at least one product supports leather and silicone strap replacement.

In terms of parameter configuration, the product of Michael Kors should not be too new. However, Michael Kors should make people pay more attention to brands, rather than processors and other hardware.